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Vivak® copolyester sheets – create flowing, dream-like shapes.

Vivak® sheets are especially light, break and  impact-resistant even at low temperatures,  weather-resistant and highly transparent.  These sheets are easily printable and highly  suitable for food-contact applications. Because  they can easily be thermoformed, energy consumption is kept down whereas productivity  is high.

The thermoformable sheet: Vivak®

Vivak®  the thermoformable plastic sheet, is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

These versatile copolyester sheets combine superior thermoforming properties with very good mechanical characteristics. Vivak®  sheets can be thermoformed into any desired shape.

They offer almost unlimited freedom of design when making three-dimensional parts. Shorter production times and less material wastage when creating complex forms help to save time and keep costs down.

The weather-resistant sheet: Vivak®  UV

Vivak®  UV sheets are particularly weather-resistant and ideal for exterior applications. As an added extra in addition to these properties, they come with a 10-year warranty on impact strength, clarity and transparency.

The coloured sheet: Vivak®  ColorLine

Enjoy the freedom to design in colour with Vivak®  ColorLine and experience the wealth of transparent options for your innovative use of space. Because ColorLine boasts truly fantastic colours and inspires you to create in colour.

As standard, 20 colours are available in thicknesses of 2-8 mm. Other colours and thicknesses are available on request. Even small projects can easily be planned and implemented with ColorLine – both indoors and outdoors.